Creating A Plan For Your Digital Assets

As our lives have become more digitized, the assets we own are increasingly digital in nature. Some of these assets, such as home videos and family photos, are emotionally valuable. Other assets, including music, videos and other digital products could be worth a significant sum of money in the future.

Planning for all of these digital assets should be a part of a complete estate plan. An attorney can help you create a plan so that you can efficiently pass on these digital assets to your loved ones. I work with clients throughout Kentucky to ensure they have a plan in place for their digital assets. To speak with an experienced estate planning attorney, contact my Louisville office today by calling 502-498-8289.

Digital Assets

How To Leave Digital Assets To Your Loved Ones

When thinking about how to create a plan for your digital assets, it is important that you do the following:

  • Document your passwords: Take an inventory of the different accounts you use, and write down your login information in your will. This will allow people to access your personal and financial accounts after you pass.
  • Regularly back up your files: Electronics fail all the time. It is important to routinely back up your digital files to help ensure nothing is lost. Backing up your digital files to an external hard drive or a flash drive allows you to put all of your digital files in one place. If you back up your digital assets using cloud storage, make sure the login information is included within your estate plan.
  • Contact an attorney: Making sure all of your digital assets are part of your estate plan can be complicated. Working with a lawyer experienced in estate planning can help ensure there are no gaps in your plan.

Don't Ignore Your Digital Assets

Failing to think about digital assets could mean they are lost forever after you die. I will work closely with you to include your valuable digital assets when estate planning. Call The Law Office of Fred Simon today at 502-498-8289 to schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss your estate plan. You may also complete the online contact form.