Navigating The Probate And Estate Administration Process

The process of validating someone's will after they die is probate. Probate may involve transferring property to the deceased's heirs, as well as paying off debt and taxes owed by the deceased.

Having your estate go through probate can be costly and burdensome for your loved ones. Estate planning strategies, including the use of trusts, can help you avoid having your estate go through a probate court. Call The Law Office of Fred Simon today at 502-498-8289 for a free initial phone consultation with an experienced lawyer to see if your estate plan is insulated from the probate process.


Assisting Personal Representatives With Estate Administration

The person tasked with administering the deceased's estate is known as the personal representative. It can be a daunting task for someone to serve in this role.

As a personal representative, you will face important and challenging questions that you must answer correctly. These questions may include:

  • Which estate creditors should be paid, and when should those payments occur?
  • When can the beneficiaries receive their bequests?
  • Are there any inheritance taxes owed?
  • What happens if there is not enough money in the estate to pay all of the bills?

Failing to accurately administer an estate could make you financially liable for the consequences of an incorrect decision. Working with an attorney can help ensure these questions are answered correctly.

Estate Planning

For over 40 years, I have worked closely with personal representatives throughout Kentucky to assist with estate administration. In addition to providing assistance with routine probate matters, I have successfully provided remedies for beneficiaries and heirs in unique situations such as:

  • Defending claims brought by decedents' creditors
  • Challenging transactions and dispositions of assets by others
  • Offering effective estate administration monitoring strategies

I can also provide assistance if you are facing tax matters associated with the estate administration. Working closely with CPAs and financial advisers, I can help ensure all required tax returns and payments are made.

Looking For Skilled Estate Planning Services?

If you are facing probate or need assistance administering an estate, I can help. Call my Louisville office at 502-498-8289 or send an email to schedule a free initial phone consultation.