The Simon Firm Overview

With 40 years of experience as a lawyer, litigator and consultant, I bring seasoned legal skills to each and every one of my clients' cases. From questions about an existing will, drafting a new will or creating a trust to probate and estate administration issues, I provide comprehensive estate planning counsel for clients throughout Kentucky.

Dedicated Louisville Probate and Estate Administration Attorney

Individuals and families look to The Law Office of Fred Simon for the catered and personalized approach that estate planning law truly requires. As each client's needs are different and future wishes unique, I work hard to not only provide initial legal counsel but provide ongoing and continuing care as well.

In addition to my estate planning practice, I also can consult and assist individuals on real estate, business litigation, transactional as well as criminal law matters. Contact me online today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Representation for First Responders in Kentucky

I understand the job of firefighting and the on-the-spot decisions that first responders must make every time they are called to duty. You need an experienced attorney who will not only protect your rights in the legal system, but also do so from the perspective of similar experience. As a volunteer firefighter and litigator, I understand your life and the issues you face.

Consulting for City Managers, Municipalities, Fire Districts and Boards of Trustees

Though my legal practice is limited to Kentucky, I have the ability to consult with city managers, municipalities, fire districts and boards of trustees. This often involves risk management consulting and fire department safety, helping a client adapt its standard operating procedures (SOPs) to current legal liability issues.

Adapting and updating your SOPs helps safeguard both the organization and your personnel in light of frequently changing law governing department safety concerns and response to emergency situations.

For more information about how my services can benefit you, please contact me online or call 502-498-8289 for a free initial telephone consultation.