Kentucky Municipal and Organization Liability Claims

Developing Defensive Strategies to Protect Your Firehouse and First Responders

Municipal and organizational liability claims are filed against first responders after an incident occurs. The claim may say your department made a mistake on the way to the emergency site, on-site, or review in 20/20 hindsight how the incident was handled. Someone may claim you did not act fast enough or made an error in judgment. I am attorney Fred Simon, and I provide reactive, back-end consulting to protect fire districts and personnel.

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Located in Louisville, Kentucky, my office is a resource to protect firefighters, other first responders, and fire districts from liability claims. As a client of The Law Office of Fred Simon, your standard operating procedures will be analyzed and adapted to current legal liability claims. When a claim is filed against you, I will consult with you in your defense.

Firefighter Immunity Is Always Being Challenged

There are universally accepted immunity laws in place to protect emergency personnel, granting you protection in being able to do your job. However, these rules are constantly being challenged because of changing circumstances.

As both an experienced lawyer and volunteer firefighter, I regularly deal with liability claims. When one of my clients is faced with a claim, I assist by:

  • Analyzing the claim from the standpoint of the existing laws of that particular jurisdiction
  • Developing defensive strategies to assist in litigation
  • Acting as your expert witness if required in your case
  • If your firehouse is located in Kentucky, acting as your legal representative in court

Immunity is also a concern for property owners. There are laws stating that firefighters cannot sue if they are injured on-site. However, one court allowed a case to go forward when a firefighter filed a claim for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With immunity coming under fire so often, consulting with an attorney-firefighter that understands the law and the job can help protect your department.

For more information about how my services can benefit your fire district and first responders, contact me online or call my Louisville office at 502-498-8289 for a free initial consultation.