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Probate and Estate Administration

The actual process of "proving" or validating a deceased person's Last Will and Testament is called probate. A common misconception made by the general public is when an individual assumes that by being a named beneficiary or a spouse in a client's Will, he or she is entitled to confidential information prior to the parent's or other spouse's death. However, by law no Last Will and Testament is effective unless and until the instrument is properly signed as provided by statute, the testator (or testatrix, if female) is proven to be deceased by sworn affidavit and the appropriate court "admits" the Will to probate.

My Louisville, Kentucky, law office can easily assist in the preparation of all probate forms that must be filed to competently and expeditiously open a testate (with a will) estate. Contact me about my estate planning services.

What Does a Will Do After I Die?

An individual passing away without a Last Will and Testament is said to have died "intestate." In such event, the law establishes a priority as to which heirs a court should consider appointing as the personal representative of the estate (called the "Administrator"). On occasion, there are competing petitions from heirs who each seek the appointment and clients have found that my decades of experience has been helpful in assisting them understand the process in addition to recognizing the responsibilities that are inherent in undertaking those duties if successful. Clients look to my law firm to explain the significant differences in, and assist in carrying out the authority granted to an Administrator by statute as opposed to an Executor named in a will.

Estate Administration Services Lawyer in Kentucky

Handling the administration of an estate by a surviving spouse or heir can be a daunting task even in the most routine circumstances, despite the guidance (not advice) offered by the probate court clerks. Determining which estate creditors should be paid, when and by whom? When can the beneficiaries receive their bequests by the Executor and are there inheritance taxes involved? What happens if there is not enough money in the estate to pay bills? There are just a few of the important questions that must be correctly answered to avoid a personal representative potential financial liability for the consequences of a wrong decision. My office has the right answers.

In addition to providing assistance in routine probate matters, I have been successful in providing remedies for beneficiaries and heirs in unique posthumous situations such as:

  • Clearing title to assets vested in deceased relatives
  • Defending claims brought by decedents' creditors
  • Challenging transactions and dispositions of assets by others
  • Offering effective estate administration monitoring strategies
  • Representation in will contest litigation

Although I offer assistance with tax matters associated to the estate administration process, my firm also works closely with the CPA or financial adviser to families suffering the loss of a loved one to coordinate the probate court filings with all required tax returns and payments.

Looking for Skilled Estate Planning Services?

Start the probate and estate administration process today. Call my Louisville office at 502-498-8289, toll free 888-827-6385 or send an email. As an experienced estate and probate administration attorney, I can help you.

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