Real Estate Representation

Real Estate Representation & Drafting Agreements

In addition to representation of clients in traditional transactional real estate matters such as representation at closing, title and encumbrances (liens) analysis, and negotiation of contract terms, m law firm is experienced in drafting all types of real estate documents including deeds, mortgages, easements, leases, contracts for deed, restrictive covenants and other legal instruments. I can also assist in tract consolidation efforts and conversions of rental properties to condominium units.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate matters sometimes require an experienced attorney to litigate or otherwise provide legal representation in court proceedings. For example, my law office can assist in finalizing the purchase of property successfully bid at a foreclosure Commissioner’s Sale promptly and efficiently as well as securing access and control of the premises. I can clearly explain the process of clearing title to property and assist heirs in acquiring title from deceased relatives.

I have assisted homeowner associations as well as property owners in resolving their differences over disputed fees or maintenance obligations.

I have provided advice and assisted contractors to secure mechanic liens in an effort to assist in the settlement of unpaid bills.

Additionally I have assisted clients resolve all manners of real estate contract, lease and boundary disputes through the courts. My law office provides professional advice and guidance through the eviction process as well as representation in foreclosure cases, whether the client is the lender on abandoned properties or a homeowner searching for ways to prevent from losing his residence.

Real estate law continues to evolve as a source of new litigation and property owners that are affected are encouraged to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer about potential exposure to additional financial loss even after losing one’s home in foreclosure.