Safety and Risk Management Consulting in Kentucky

Protect Your Firehouse and Personnel

Consulting for Firehouses and Boards of Trustees Nationwide

At The Law Office of Fred Simon in Louisville, I help emergency response departments in establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines to meet a changing environment for safe practices. With these front-end measures in place, you minimize liability for your department and personnel.

Risk management consulting is a systematic analysis of existing protocols, rules, procedures and guidelines that helps you adjust to laws and regulations that are constantly evolving and changing. I will help you examine and address changes in technology, changes in operations, and impact on personnel as to how to respond to emergencies.

Safeguard your firehouse and personnel by updating and establishing the right policies. For risk management consulting services, contact my office online or call 502-498-8289 for a free initial consultation.

Establish Up-to-Date SOPs With an Experienced Attorney-Consultant

With 40 years of experience as a lawyer and a decade as a volunteer firefighter, I have the ability to consult from both the legal and firehouse perspectives. Fire districts and boards of trustees nationwide can contact me for risk management consulting:

  • To update current SOPs to address changes in law
  • To minimize liability and prevent disputes
  • To ensure the safety and protection of personnel and other fire department assets

Adapt to Changing Times

I will help you to create and establish standard operating procedures to meet the changing environment for safe practices. We will address changes in technology, operations and SOPs to not only make sure your personnel know what they're doing and how to do it, but so you have established the right policies that help your personnel do their jobs.

Front-end, proactive risk management consulting will benefit your firehouse. contact my office online or call my Louisville, Kentucky, office at 502-498-8289 for a free initial consultation.

To read about current issues and my opinion on safety and risk management, visit my First Responder Liability blog.

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