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Trusts were historically considered to be part of the estate planning for only the wealthy to avoid inheritance and estate taxes. Today the trend is to create trusts that can be useful and beneficial for just about everyone and for reasons other than tax savings.

For routine trust use, I offer legal advice to clients who may want to assure financial control over their assets in the event of disability by establishing a revocable living trust (known as an inter vivos trust). This trust is also often used to set aside assets during one's lifetime for the benefit of children and grandchildren, which could continue to function long beyond a client's years. The irrevocable trust, while being somewhat more restrictive in use, is another option to ensure that an estate plan becomes a reality.

Contact me if you are interested in more information about my legal services related to trusts, wills and other estate planning tools. I am a dedicated estate planning lawyer with decades of experience.

Types of Trusts

As mentioned, contemporary trust use has flourished in our present economic and legal environment, and has resulted in expansion to other areas. The following trusts did not exist several decades ago but are becoming part of the social consciousness of clients:

  • Special needs trust
  • Medicaid trust
  • Totten trust
  • IRA trust
  • Gun trust

My Louisville, Kentucky, law firm has observed the evolution of trust use over the years and can provide a client with information on whether a trust can assist in accomplishing one's estate planning goals. Being well-versed in the laws that control the administration of trusts, I also offer continuing estate planning advice to individuals who undertake the responsibilities of a trustee. In addition to these services, I am prepared to provide representation for individuals who are named trust beneficiaries to protect their rights under these instruments.

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If you are ready to begin building your trust — or need help updating an existing trust — I am ready to help you. Call my Louisville office at 502-498-8289, toll free 888-827-6385 or send an email.

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