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Virtual Meetings


The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected almost every aspect of everyday life. The impact has challenged professionals to find new ways to provide routine and specialized services which had not even been considered as possible.

Offering legal services through virtual or electronic means is one such way that allows lawyers to effectively communicate with clients and provide efficient counseling and advice. Using telephone, Facebook, and Zoom conferences are some good examples of how clients now want to conduct business. Even with the easing of restrictions, clients are finding that they even prefer a casual in-person meeting away from a downtown office building to a more convenient, yet private setting closer to home.

Our office is set up to specifically provide legal services remotely and virtually. It may not be necessary to meet in a formal office setting unless you decide to do so.

Assisting you however we can

With more than 45 years of legal experience, our lead attorney offers assistance in multiple practice areas. Reach out to Fred Simon if you need to speak with an...

  • Estate planning attorney
  • Probate law attorney
  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Business law attorney

Following along with every COVID update, our attorney will always prioritize your health and safety. Fred Simon offers virtual consultations through Zoom and phone calls.

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The Law Office of Fred Simon is committed to answering your questions about Life & Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Bankruptcy Counseling & Representation, and Business Formations & Related Services legal issues in Kentucky.

We'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Now Offering Virtual Meetings